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Card Payments
Global Reach, Local Experience
Embrace the freedom to accept credit and debit card payments from anywhere in the world, in any currency. WirectPay's acquiring capabilities streamline your payment process, ensuring fast, secure, and efficient transactions across borders.

Understanding the Payment Chain
At WirectPay, every card transaction follows a pathway: from your website, through our payment gateway, to the acquiring bank, and through payment card networks (Visa or Mastercard, respectively) to the issuing bank.
Your customer
Whenever a customer from any part of the globe opts to make a purchase using a credit or debit card, their payment details—such as the card number and CVV code—are transmitted from the merchant to the acquiring bank.
Your website
Rather than entering payment details directly on your website, customers are usually redirected to a secure hosted payment page provided by WirectPay.
WirectPay's Gateway

When a customer enters their payment details during an online checkout, WirectPay secures the information by encrypting it. This encryption ensures the data remains protected from unauthorized interception or theft as it travels between the customer’s device, the business’s server, and the involved financial institutions.
Acquiring Bank
The global acquirer relays this transaction data to the respective card network (like Visa or Mastercard), which then passes it along to the bank that issued the card.
Payment Card Networks
Issuing Bank
The issuing bank determines whether to approve or decline the transaction based on factors such as the customer's available funds and fraud risk. This decision is then communicated back to the merchant through the card network and the acquirer. If the transaction is declined, a specific code is provided to explain the reason for the denial.
Advantages of Global Acquiring for Expanding Businesses
Unleash international growth with comprehensive global acquiring solutions that enhance your global reach, streamline currency management, and improve transaction success
  • Expanding International Reach
    Global acquiring breaks down barriers associated with international transactions such as currency conversion and regulatory differences, enabling businesses to tap into a vast global market and significantly boost sales.
  • Enhanced Authorization Rates
    Global acquirers' worldwide banking relationships can lead to higher authorization rates for international transactions, reducing declines and enhancing the customer experience.
  • Simplified Currency Management
    Global acquirers handle currency conversions, ensuring transactions are seamless for customers and that businesses receive payments in their preferred currency.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Global acquiring can reduce cross-border transaction fees by processing payments locally in multiple countries, cutting down on international routing costs.
  • Regulatory and Risk Management
    With expertise in multiple regulatory environments, global acquirers ensure compliance and manage risks effectively, including fraud prevention.
  • Building Customer Trust and Loyalty
    Making international transactions easier boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty, positioning businesses as customer-centric in the global market. This trust is a crucial competitive advantage in today’s globalized economy.
Overcoming the Barriers of International Payment Processing
While global acquiring offers expansive opportunities for businesses to reach international markets, it introduces several complexities
  • 1
    Regulatory Compliance
    Every country has distinct regulations affecting payment processing, such as the GDPR in Europe versus U.S. laws. Adhering to these diverse regulations demands ongoing vigilance and resources.
  • 2
    Currency Fluctuations
    Handling multiple currencies offers benefits but also poses challenges, such as exchange rate volatility, which can affect revenue expectations and incur conversion costs.
  • 3
    Fraud and Security Concerns
    International transactions heighten exposure to fraud. Businesses must adapt to regional fraud patterns and possibly implement enhanced security measures, like two-factor authentication.
  • 4
    Cultural and Payment Diversity
    Consumer behaviors and preferred payment methods vary by region. Success in global acquiring requires integrating and adapting to these preferences, which may include mobile payments or direct debits, depending on the market.
  • 5
    Operational Complexity
    Managing relationships with multiple local acquirers can complicate operations. Opting for a single global acquirer with extensive local partnerships can simplify this process.
  • 6
    Dispute and Chargeback Management
    Handling disputes and chargebacks becomes more intricate across different jurisdictions, requiring a clear understanding of various rules and processes.
Who Benefits from Global Acquiring?
Global acquiring is invaluable for businesses expanding internationally across various industries
  • E-commerce Retailers
    Simplifies handling multiple currencies and payment methods, enabling retailers to serve global markets efficiently.
  • Digital Service Providers
    Ideal for businesses like streaming services and SaaS platforms with a worldwide customer base.
  • Travel and Hospitality
    Essential for airlines and hotels that cater to international travelers and require payment flexibility.
  • Education and Online Learning
    Enables institutions to accept payments from international students, facilitating global education access.
  • Subscription-based Businesses
    Supports businesses with global subscriptions by managing recurring international payments effectively.